New Keepsake Option

We’re proud to announce a new keepsake option for your WeddingWoo website!

What is a keepsake?

A keepsake will allow you to preserve the contents of your wedding website indefinitely. We will provide a convenient zip file for download that will contain both screenshots and source code of your wedding website. The screenshots are full page images of every page on your wedding website so you can have handy image files that you can print later. Also, the source code will allow you to view the wedding website directly in your browser offline.

How do I obtain a keepsake?

The keepsake is available for purchase as your plan sets to expire. It is completely optional. You can make your purchase directly in your WeddingWoo Dashboard. It costs $25 US Dollars. Near the end of your plan, you can optionally purchase a keepsake, renew your plan or just let your current plan expire.

Why should I purchase a keepsake?

Convenience. We will do the hard work to take screenshots of every page of your WeddingWoo website and extract the source code for you. It’ll save you time and effort. Also, it’s nicely packaged in a simple zip file.

Thank you to all our customers for making this suggestion. We heard a lot of feedback from customers wanting to save the contents of their wedding website forever. Please enjoy!