New Attachment Feature

This is one of the most requested features we’ve had for a while. We’re excited to finally deliver this feature!

We’ve finally implemented a way for you to attach any file so your guests can download it. It may come up in your wedding planning where you need to share a pdf or word document that guests can download. You now have the ability to easily upload a file for guests on your pages.

You’ll now see a new attachment icon in your text editor as you are adding or editing your content.

Once you click on the attachment icon, a pop up dialog will prompt you for the file that you would like to upload and that’s it. We’ll handle uploading it directly to our server and then we will automatically insert the hyperlink into your content that points directly to your file for guests to download.

Thank you so much to all our customers who wrote in to request this feature. We’re happy to finally make this feature available. Please enjoy!!!