Mobile Layout updated with SoundCloud

Since our announcement of mobile-optimized layouts for WeddingWoo websites, we’ve been improving it to make it better for your guests.

For the initial rollout, we couldn’t include the SoundCloud widget, but we’re proud to announce that we’ve integrated the widget to the mobile-optimized layout!

Below is a customer example of the widget in action on mobile:

We will now display a play button of the SoundCloud towards the bottom of the screen. As your guests visit each of your pages, the music will continuously play so the music doesn’t get interrupted.

We’ve also added the ability to change the play button color. You’ll notice a new option when you edit the widget:

This widget won’t autoplay music on mobile devices because it’s restricted at the operating system level. Android and iOS do not allow this. But, once your guests tap on the play button, they can hear the music on their mobile device.

We hope you enjoy this new update :)