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  • We decided to use WeddingWoo for our wedding website after researching several other wedding website providers. What I loved about WeddingWoo is how simple it is to make a beautiful website with no design or technical knowledge. And then once I signed up I received an email from the founder, and I was blown away by the level of customer service. If you had a question, you would get an immediate response. And taking it one step further, when I made a suggestion, he made sure to follow up when they had made the feature changes. We got so many compliments on our website; it looked professionally done and it only took minutes to set up. It's easy to use, highly customizable, and mobile responsive too! Highly recommend WeddingWoo. Five star experience.

    Danielle & Jan Einar

  • When I came across WeddingWoo, the first thing that caught my eye was how great all of the wedding site examples were, then it was how simple the process was and the third piece was the price - incredible! As I began to build our site, I was even more impressed with how easy it was to set up, it made me feel like I was a professional at this. Additionally, I was incredibly surprised and pleased with the customer service and the fact that WeddingWoo emailed me to check in and see if I needed any help. I could only reply and rave about how much I loved it! With WeddingWoo, our site truly is "ours". It's customized to fit our wedding and our personalities. I LOVE IT. I've gotten so many compliments from family and friends (even my work colleagues who are in the midst of building new websites), so that says A LOT! I highly recommend WeddingWoo to every couple out there that's getting ready to head down the aisle.

    Lauren & Doug

  • I tried out a few free sites and lusted over a few of the more expensive options, but when I found WeddingWoo and played around on the trial I knew that it would be perfect. I was able to completely customize the website and I think that it turned out looking better and providing more functionality (less user scrolling) for half the cost of some other sites and just a few more than others that is absolutely worth it. WeddingWoo was so easy to use and update as needed! I am not tech savvy at all, but was easily able to figure out how to make it look beautiful, personal, and informational. Any questions that I had the wedding woo team was helpful and responded within 12 hours! I cannot say enough good things about WeddingWoo!!

    Elizabeth & Stephen

  • My wife and I wanted to thank WeddingWoo for creating such a simple yet robust platform for us to build our wedding website off of. My wife and I are expats living in Shanghai and we were organising an international wedding. We only had one month and a half to really plan and execute our wedding due to many different factors but with WeddingWoo's help I was able to build a sleek, organised and effective website to communicate to our guests from all over the world. The website helped keep everyone informed and served as our primary invitation with extremely positive results! We are super happy with the outcome!

    Mara & Jeff

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